Friday, November 18, 2016

Look-Alikes: G3 Lying Foal

The G3 Lying Foal hasn't seen as much action as many of the other molds and therefore has only a handful of look-alikes

#720052 New Arrival Barn - Stablemates Pocket Barn with Mare & Foal (2007) was first released as a special run through various retailers. Later in 2007 it appeared in the regular run line as #5918 Pocket Barn with Mare and Foal (2007-08). The foal is a soft buckskin with a tobiano pattern, four stockings, and a small star.

#720232 Pony Gals - Horspital Play Set (2009) was a special run carried by Target stores. It is a pale chestnut with darker points, tobiano pattern, four socks, and a star.

#5959 Mystery Foal Surprise Gift Set (2012-15) is a plum-toned dark chestnut appaloosa with dark points and head, a near-fore sock, and a star.

JCPenney #410421 Stablemate Parade of Breeds - Appaloosa Sport Horse (2007) is a red bay appaloosa with dark points, airbrushed blanket over the haunches and belly, near-fore and off-hind stockings, and eye-whites.

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