Friday, October 14, 2016

Gift Sets: Stablemate Collections - So Happy Together

The Stablemate Collections continued after the introduction of the G3 Molds with regular and special run sets.

#5971 4-Piece Gift Collection was released in 2007 and was available through 2008. The models in this collection were all G3 molds:
  • G3 Belgian - Metallic flea-bitten grey
  • G3 Peruvian Paso - Bay tobiano
  • G3 Rearing Andalusian - Chestnut dun
  • G3 Tennessee Walking Horse - Metallic palomino with purple ribbons

#5976 Gift Collection replaced the #5971 set in 2009 and was produced through 2011. Again all the molds were G3s:
  • G3 Belgian - Bay
  • G3 Cantering Warmblood - Bay
  • G3 Friesian - Shaded white grey
  • G3 Standing Stock Horse - Palomino frame overo

In 2006, #1402 British Breeds 4 Piece Gift Set was offered exclusively in the UK and only for the year. A mix of G3 and G2 molds made up the set in an array of lovely colours:
  • G3 Jumper: English Thoroughbred - White grey
  • G3 Highland Pony: Highland Pony - Chestnut dun
  • G2 Clydesdale: Shire - Dapple black with painted silver shoes
  • G3 Standing Thoroughbred: Sporthorse - bay tobiano

Since many of the K-Mart stores had closed some years before, this store-exclusive collection could be difficult to find in-store, and even harder to find on the second-hand market. K-Mart #6126 Stablemates Gift Collection (2008), like the regular run sets, was exclusively made up of G3 molds:
  • G3 Friesian - Dapple grey
  • G3 Jumper - Wild bay
  • G3 Mustang - Buckskin
  • G3 Standing Thoroughbred - Sandy bay blanket appaloosa

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