Friday, July 31, 2015

Gift Sets: Stablemate Collections - All Together Now!

After the success of the Saddle Club Collections, a collection of the new G2 molds seemed a logical step. The first set, #5651 Stablemates Collection, was released in 1998 and consisted of five models in a range of interesting colours.

Regular Run #5651 Stablemates Collection 1998-2000

A light chestnut tobiano American Saddlebred, a flashy black Clydesdale with four stockings and a bald face, a chestnut roan Shetland Pony, a bay Thoroughbred, and the Rearing Arabian in dark grey made up the group.

This set remained complete until 2001 when for some reason the Shetland Pony was removed and the set was renamed  #5995 Stablemates Gift Pack.

Regular Run #5995 Stablemates Gift Pack 2001

This four-pack was only available for a year when it was replaced in 2002 by the #5981 Stablemate Horses Gift Pack.

Regular Run #5981 Stablemate Horses Gift Pack 2002-2006

Like the 2001 set, this collection only contained four models - a black roan frame overo Thoroughbred, a bright chestnut Stock Horse, a palomino Andalusian, and the American Saddlebred in a lovely shaded bay. This set was available through 2006; in 2007 it was replaced by a G3 collection.

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