Friday, April 24, 2015

Look-Alikes: G1 Thoroughbred Mare

The G1 Thoroughbred Mare has a nice assortment of look-alikes, though she does have a heavy case of the "browns" as is typical with the G1 molds.

Since we always start with the browns, this time we'll have the grey's first.

At the top is the only regular run grey of the lot. This model ran from 1995-97 and is a nicely shaded, slightly blue-toned, grey with a range of leg markings and the occasional fuzzy bald face or white muzzle. On the bottom left is the only old plastic grey, the alabaster 1991 Sears special run. The points should be a soft grey and the body should be white - possibly with subtle shading.

On the bottom right is the new plastic 2004 JCP special run. This stunning model has a light grey or white body with grey-brown shading on the shoulders and hindquarters; the shaded areas should be dappled. The muzzle, knees, and hocks are shaded a darker grey while the mane, tail, and lower legs are white. The eyes should be detailed with eye whites and a touch of pink skin.

The black models are simple. The pair at the top are variations of the 1975-88 regular run assortment model. They are always old plastic and can be found with an assortment of leg markings and with finishes ranging from matte to glossy.

The lower model is from the 1994-95 Saddle Club Collection and is always new plastic and solid, matte black.

Now, on to the browns.

Both models are the #5141 Thoroughbred Mare from the regular run Stablemate Assortment. The model on top is old plastic and the one below is new plastic. The new plastic models tend to be more on the paler and browner side, but that isn't a hard and fast rule. The one sure way to tell is to do the clunk test.

Next in the brown line up are the chestnuts. The top-left model is the #5026 1975-87 regular run chestnut. She is always found in old plastic and tends to be more of an orange-toned chestnut. The model on the top-right can be found in old or new plastic and is the #5141 regular run. These tend to be more red or brown-toned compared to the first model.

Below is the only special run chestnut for this mold. The 1998 Sears SR could be called liver chestnut or chestnut-going-grey. The body is a brown-grey colour while the mane and tail are a lighter red-brown. Grey hooves, airbrushed leg and sometimes facial markings finish her off.

Out of the bays, only one is new plastic - the one to the far right. That one is the 1995 JCP special run. She is a dark mahogany bay with red-toned highlights, shell coloured hooves, and four-ish white socks.

The mares on the top row are both variations of the #5030 1975-88 regular run. This run is always old plastic and tends to have a gold/yellow-tone to the base colour. Many variations in leg markings and finish can be found.

The two remaining models are both old plastic - one a special run, the other a regular run. The regular run is on the far bottom-left and is #5140 from the 1989-90 Stablemate Assortment. The medium brown colour and near-hind stocking are standard, but variations aren't impossible. The bottom-middle model is the 1990 Sears special run. She is almost uniformly found in a bright red bay with no markings and a satin finish. As with other models from this era, the possibility of variations exists.

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