Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Variation Spotlight: Morgan Stallion #5036

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5036 Morgan Stallion

How much variation can there be in a run of black horses? If that run is #5036, the black Morgan Stallion, the answer might be surprising. Unlike most of the Stablemate variations, the sock variations of this run are unusually well documented.

When this model first appeared in the 1976 catalogue he was shown with charcoal coloured hooves and four stockings.11 As you can tell from my four stocking model on the bottom row, these leg markings could have a certain amount of vague-socking going on.

The next year, in the 1977 catalogue, the model shown had only on sock, on the near-hind leg, with a charcoal to black hoof. This continued through 1987.11 The model on the second row to the right is one of these black hooved models.

During the last year of production the 1988 catalogue showed a model still with the near-hind sock, but now the hoof was pink to shell-coloured,11 like my top-row, left-hand side model.

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