Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday Week - Footnotes: Fun with Colours...and Graphs, Part I

For those of you who know me, you know there's something that's sure to make me giggle like a little girl - graphs! In my baby book it says at two years old I liked to "arrange stuffed animals according to type and size"; in the past 30 years that hasn't changed a bit, I still love sorting things.

That said, I decided it would be fun to break down each G1 mold by it's base colours and patterns. There's so many of these little charts I thought it would be best to only post a few molds at a time throughout the day with a final post containing an overview of the generation as a whole. If you follow our Google+ community page, you'll have seen the data, but isn't everything more fun in colour?

Before we get to the goodies, some clarifications:

Patterned horses are counted twice, once for their base colour and once for their pattern, so if the numbers don't add up right, that's why.

The grey category covers solid, flea-bitten, dappled, and colour-going-grey greys. Pinto covers the usual paint patterns tobiano, splash, frame, and tovero as well as the other patterns that cause body spotting such as sabino and white. Appaloosa covers all appy patterns such as snowflake, blanket, leopard, and varnish.

Bay and chestnut, and buckskin and dun are combined as the difference between the colours in each group can be a bit of a grey area.

And now, what you've all been waiting for, the graphs:

*97 JCP SR - Dark chestnut with large snowflake appaloosa-type spots

* '98 Sears SR - "Peppercorn Appaloosa"

Other: '84 Riegseckers SR - Unpainted
Roan: includes 1997 JCP SR with the weird "roan" belly

Next: Morgan Mares - Quarter Horse Mares

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