Friday, August 26, 2016

Look-Alikes: G3 Cantering Warmblood

Quarter Horse, Warmblood, Morgan - the G3 Cantering Warmblood can pass as many breeds. As varied as the breed choices are the colours the mold can be found in and look-alikes abound.

Walmart special run American Girl: Saige Paints The Sky (2013) is white plastic with tiny grey flea-bites, mane and tail fading from black to white, shaded eyes, muzzle, and joints.

#5906 Warmblood - Flea-bitten Grey (2006-08) is painted pearly white with grey shading, chestnut flea-bites, white mane/tail shaded with grey, grey shaded joints and muzzle, near-fore and off-hind socks, and a blaze.

#5378 Show Jumping (2014-15) is a bay going grey with white mane/tail striped with black, black legs and eye-whites.

The model on the top is the first version of Target Special Run #720599 Horse and Foal Set - Appaloosas - Grullo and bay foal (2006) and was only available for a few weeks. The models are made with translucent plastic and are darker and more heavily shaded than the later version. They are black dun with an apron face, eye-whites, four stenciled socks, and a stenciled lacy hip blanket.

The first model was shortly replaced by a new version of #720599 Horse and Foal Set - Appaloosas (2006). These models are made with opaque white plastic and are lighter and less shaded than the previous version. The four socks and blanket are airbrushed and the spots are a red-brown. The facial marking is the same and the eyes have eye-whites.

This model was later released as regular run #5921 Horse and Foal Set - Appaloosas (2007-15) and special run #710724 Emergency Animal Rescue Set (2007-15).

#10316 Graceland Stables Stablemates Assortment - Bandit (2010-2012) is a bright red, shaded chestnut with four stenciled socks, cream hooves with grey stripes, blaze, slightly darker mane/tail, and near-side blue eye.

#5360 Eventing Play Set (2007-09) is slightly darker than the above model, with four stenciled socks, cream hooves, thin blaze, and eye-whites

#5388 Competing at the Games (2016-Current) is a lighter orange chestnut with four airbrushed socks, darker mane/tail, cream hooves, and blaze.

#5980 Show Stoppers (2012 -14) is a chestnut roan with shaded mane/tail, large blaze, and four airbrushed socks. It was later released as  #5935 Red Roan Warmblood with Rider (2015-Current).

#5963 Mystery Foal Surprise Gift Set (2013-Current) is a plum coloured bay roan with white and brown roaning, black points, and no white markings.

#46004 The Exciting World of Stablemates 1,000 pc Puzzle (2008-09) is a bay roan with heavier roaning over the hindquarters, white tail fading to black, eye-whites, and an off-fore sock.

#5503 Stevie & Belle Set: Found Horse - Belle (2008-11) is solid black with a tiny star and eye-whites.

World Equestrian Games Special Run #9164 Hanoverian (2014) is solid black with large star and eye-whites.

World Equestrian Games Special Run #9128 Stablemates Shadowbox (2010) is a shaded black with medium star and three socks, not off-hind.

#5907 Sport Horse (2009-11) is a bay blanket appaloosa with airbrushed blanket, two-toned mane/tail, and eye-whites. It was later released as  #701720 Stablemates Visiting Vet Horse and Trailer (2012-14)

#5934 Roll & Go Western Play Set (2011-12) is a shaded golden buckskin with no white markings. It was also released in Tractor Supply Company special run #301124 Bonanza Ponderosa Ranch Set (2010).

BreyerFest Single Day Ticket #711208 Compass (2008) is a red bay frame overo with eye-whites.

BreyerFest Breyer Store Special #711080 Stablemates 20th Anniversary Commemorative Set - 2006 Joker (2009) is a dark bay, almost black, tobiano with four white legs, blaze, white muzzle, white tail, two-toned mane, and eye-whites.

JCPenney #410176 Stablemates Parade of Breeds - Dutch Warmblood (2006) is a golden bay tobiano with star, thin blaze, and four white legs. The mane and tail are two-toned.

Many thanks to Sharon Walbridge, Deb Walsmith, and MySt of My Stablemates for providing pictures for this post!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Conga! G3 Cantering Warmblood

The G3 Cantering Warmblood, mold #5629, was first released in 2006 and was sculpted by Jane Lunger.

Regular Run Releases
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Play Sets: Arts N Crafts - Activity Sets

Play sets were on the increase around the time the G3 molds were released. Activity sets were similar to the standard play set in that they contained a model or models with some accessories, but they also came with a colour and activity book produced by Scholastic. These sets came in a yellow cardboard box shaped a bit like a gift bag.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Footnotes: It's Not Easy Being Green - Colour Issues

The issue with yellow and red paint continued with the G3 models. This problem was likely resolved sometime after 2006-ish as I haven't seen greenies later than this.

UK Exclusive #1402 British Breeds 4 Piece Gift Set - Highland Pony (2006)