Friday, August 30, 2013

Footnotes: What Makes a Generation?

On the MMH Facebook page, a question was asked about how the generations are classified and whether it shouldn't be by artist. (And then the whole thread was lost due to technical difficulties) It's an interesting question and one I had not considered before.

By general hobby consensus the molds are grouped by release date rather than by artist. If the generations were grouped by artist, they would look something like this:
  • G1: Maureen Love G1 Molds (16 total)
  • G2: All Moody G2 molds + three of the G4 molds (15 total)
  • G3: Sarah Rose G2 Foals (4 total)
  • G4: Jane Lunger G3 molds + three of the G4 molds + three of the G5 molds (22 total)
  • G5: Brigitte Eberl G5 mold (1 total)