Friday, October 31, 2014

Play Set: Virtual Ponies - Multi-Media Swaps

From time to time models pop up in some unexpected places, sometimes as a result of Breyer specifically producing models for a collaborative product release, at others a company may utilize standard issue models for use with their products. Our model today is an example of the former.

In late 1996 Breyer teamed up with Inroads Interactive to produce a CD ROM and model horse set.

Model and picture owned by Deb Walsmith and used here by permission.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Singles: BreyerFest Goodies - Keychains!

The first four BreyerFest events (1990-1993) only featured the celebration model, a raffle model, and some test runs which were auctioned for charity; the volunteers at the 1993 BreyerFest were given special models for the first time. In 1994 collectors were treated to something new - BreyerFest special runs!37

At a time when the Stablemate line was being produced in China in new plastic, these special models were made of old plastic in New Jersey36. Gold-coloured key-chains with little metal Breyer logo fobs were added to G1 Standing and Lying Thoroughbred Foals, creating the first Breyer key-chains.

Models and pictures owned by Deb Walsmith and used here by permission.
Some collectors prefer to remove the key-chain hardware for aesthetic reasons or for easier display

Friday, October 10, 2014

Look-Alikes: G1 Saddlebred

The G1 Saddlebred doesn't have many look-alikes, and the only pairs with similar colours are quite easy to tell apart in practice. The basic identifying characteristics are the same for both look-alike colours - old plastic vs. new plastic, unpainted ribbons vs. painted ribbons, regular run vs. special run.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Variation Spotlight: Draft Horse #5180

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5180 Draft Horse

Like other randomly patterned runs, each #5180 is unique. Variations in shade and dapple placement and quantity are completely random, but within this chaos two distinct dapple types do exist. Older models will have 'splatter' dapples which are created through a grease-resist technique. Newer models were painted using a water-resist method which results in 'bubble' dapples.