Friday, December 25, 2015

Play Sets: Cinematic Sensations II

We skipped over two of the movie collections in the last post as both collections are rather photo-heavy.

In 2004 Breyer went slightly wild with the Hidalgo movie. Plushies, Traditionals, Classics, Stablemates, and special runs were unleashed upon the collectors. The sets contained a mix of G1 and G2 molds which caused a bit of confusion at the end of 2005 when the big switch occurred.

There were two gift sets released, on a regular run and the other a special run through Blockbuster Video.

Play Sets: Cinematic Sensations I

Though Breyer has had a long history of producing portraits of famous horses, both real and fictional, on their larger scale models, it wasn't until relatively recently that the Stablemates got into the act. Breyer released tie-in sets for horse-themed movies each year from 2003 to 2006.

In 2003 the blockbuster movie Seabiscuit inspired Breyer to produce Traditional, Classic, and the first Stablemate scale movie tie-in models. Two different Stablemate sets were released, one a regular run and the other a special run only available through Blockbuster Videos (Wikipedia link for you young whippersnappers)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Look-Alikes: G2 Prancing Morgan

Like the real Morgan horse gene pool, there's a whole lot of brown going on with the G2 Prancing Morgan look-alikes.

One of these things is not like the others - Starlight from the #20012 Starlight Play and Activity Set (2006-07) is a deep black with a slight metallic blue sheen and is completely without markings. By himself the G2 Prancing Morgan from the #55016 Horse Play Card Set (2005-07) can appear almost black, but when placed beside a true black like Starlight, it's obvious this horse is a deep bay. The richly shaded dark chocolate coat is satin to semi-gloss in finish. The model has a near-hind sock, star, snip, and eye-whites.

The only true glossy in the bunch is the model from the QVC Silver Cup Series, Second Collection (2002) on the bottom-left. Like the Horse Play model, the coat is a very dark bay, but panagre, the creamy shading creeping up the body from the belly, makes the colour appear much lighter. This model has no markings and a very high gloss finish.

The model from the Just About Horses #790798 Special Edition Stablemates Gift Set (1998) is a bright red bay with black shading and a tiny star. The finish is matte and this is the only old plastic release on this mold.

One of the hardest to find G2 Prancing Morgan models is from the Tractor Supply Company #301124 Bonanza Ponderosa Ranch Set (2010). This model is very similar in colour to the Horse Play model, but is a touch lighter, matte to satin in finish, and has three socks (not near-fore), and a full stripe from star to snip.

Not all of these horses are chestnut, the stallion from the #59982 Horse and Foal Gift Set - Red Dun Morgan Stallion and Dark Bay Foal (2003-06) is a chestnut dun, though a case could also be made for a slightly sooty chestnut with counter-shading as the model is lacking leg-barring. The model is generally matte in finish and has a single sock on the near-fore leg.

The other three models are all flaxen chestnut. On the top right is #5612 Morgan (1999-02) from the Stablemate Assortment. This model is darker, more heavily shaded, and less red than the other two models. He has a star, blaze, and snip, four socks, and is generally matte to satin in finish.

World Equestrian Games Special Run #9162 Sporthorse (2014) and #5979 Polka Dot Parade (2012-14) are essentially the same, except the Polka Dot Parade model has a small snowcap blanket while the WEG model is solid. Both have a slightly elongated star and a stocking on the off-fore leg.

Though my particular models appear different - one lighter with misty dapples - this is due to the usual variation found in a run rather than changes specific to a particular release. This model can be found in the Target Special Run #720599 Horse and Foal Set (2006), regular run #5923 Horse and Foal Set - Pintos (2007-15), and Toys 'R' Us Special Run #760218 Stablemate World of Horses Shadow Box - Pintabian (2010) sets. The model is a blue-toned dapple grey tobiano with star, snip, black forelock and hind legs, near-hind pastern, off-hind sock and white fore-legs.

Both of these models are bay pintos, but the upper model is a bay frame overo while the lower one is a bay tobiano. The bay frame overo is #701706 Special Edition Connoisseur Set - Mini Mosaic (2006) - a miniature version of the 2001 Just About Horses Connoisseur model, Mosaic. He's a medium bay with a near-hind stocking, lacy frame overo markings, and a blaze ending in a full white muzzle. The finish tends to be satin to semi-gloss.

The tobiano is from the #59977 Pinto Stallion and Foal (2000-02) set. He is a medium bay tobiano with four white legs, star, stripe, and snip. The mane is half black and the tail has a black tip.

Many thanks to Deb Walsmith for providing pictures for this post!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Conga! G2 Prancing Morgan

The Generation Two #5612 Prancing Morgan mold was first released in 1998 and was sculpted by Kathleen Moody. This mold is sometimes also called the G2 Morgan.

Regular Run Releases
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Friday, December 04, 2015

Play Sets: Equine Life

Soon the horse and rider sets just weren't enough. In 2001 Breyer took it up a notch with play sets highlighting four scenes from equine life.