Friday, October 30, 2015

Conga! G2 Mule

Generation Two #5609 Mule was first released in 1998 and was sculpted by Kathleen Moody.

Regular Run Releases
Listed from left to right

Top Row
  • Stablemate Assortment #5609 Mule 1998-02
  • Play Set #59197 Stablemates Little Red Stable Set 1999-2001 (same as #5609)
Bottom Row
  • Play Set #5909 Farm Animals Play Set 2005-08

Special Run Releases
Listed from left to right
Top Row
  • Just About Horses #790798 Special Edition Stablemates Gift Set 1998
  • BreyerFest Breyer Store #710899 BreyerFest Stablemate Keychain 1999
Bottom Row
  • JCPenney #410175 Stablemates Parade of Breeds - Spotted Mule 2005
  • Mid-States Distributing/Rural King #9962502 Deluxe Farm Pocket Barn 2007

From time to time models prepared with sanded seams and white primer have been released as a part of a Breyer Day Painting Kit for various events, promotions, and dealer extras. These have no solid dates associated with them and are generally considered outside of the conga line-up.

There are rumors of a Wedgwood blue Mule given away as a dealer's gift in the early 2000s, but I cannot locate my source of information, only saw it mentioned that once in passing, and have never seen one anywhere online, so unless other evidence surfaces, I will leave that model in the list of legends. 

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