Friday, January 20, 2017

Look-Alikes: G3 Rearing Andalusian

Like the real Andalusian horses, grey dominates the G3 Andalusian colour scheme.

JCPenney #410421 Stablemate Parade of Breeds - Andalusian (2007) is a soft, marshmallow white with grey shading of the body, legs, mane/tail. He has a pink shaded nose and eye-whites.

BreyerFest Breyer Store Special #711080 Stablemates 20th Anniversary Commemorative Set - 2008 Alborozo (2009) is a slightly darker white grey with airbrushed dapples, shaded leg joints, grey mane and tail, and eye-whites. It has stenciled socks on the off-side legs, a blaze, and eye-whites.

The two horses on the upper right are both #5906 Andalusian - Rose Grey (2006-08). The one on the left is a 2006 release while the one on the right is a 2008; this run has quite a bit of variation in shade. The model in general is a bay-going-grey with a grey body, shaded with brown, and covered in resist dapples. The points are black with white shading in the mane and tail.

#5907 Mustang (2009-11) is a black dun with dorsal stripe, leg bars, and eye-whites.

JCPenney #410443 Stablemate Parade of Breeds - Mustang (2010) is a dark, black-shaded grey with lighter shading in the mane and tail, and eye-whites.

#5908 Mustang - Blue Roan (2011-14) is a black roan with dark head, black points, fore-socks, and blaze.

Vintage Club #712145 Stablemate Gift - Bravo (2015) is a white grey with light grey mane and tail, shaded pink nose, glossy finish, and a blue ribbon sticker.

#5409 Horse Play Set (2010-12) is a bright red bay to buckskin with an extended blanket with brown spots, brown shaded legs, black mane/tail, and a small star.

JCPenney #410436 Stablemates Parade of Breeds - Mustang (2008) is a deep, bright red chestnut with shaded flaxen mane/tail, small hip blanket, hind socks, blaze, and eye-whites.

JCPenney #410176 Stablemates Parade of Breeds - Appaloosa (2006) is a flea-bitten black-going-grey with bay flea-bites, dark shaded legs and mane, a small rump blanket with large black spots, off-fore sock, and a white tail with black shaded tip.

Many thanks to Sharon Walbridge for providing pictures for this post!

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