Friday, January 13, 2017

Gift Sets: Mare and Foals - Something Special

Those who ventured into Tractor Supply Co in January of 2008 might have found an exciting surprise - four new, unannounced mare and foal sets! These sets later appeared in a variety of retail stores and were only produced for a year.

#5601 Rose Grey Arabian and Foal (2008) featured a rose grey (bay going grey) G3 Walking Arabian and G2 Trotting Foal.

The stallion has a snip, eye-whites, and white and tail with black shading. The foal is slightly darker and has a star, eye-whites, black points, and off-hind and near fore socks,

The G3 Mustang and G2 Frolicking Foal in the #5602 Appaloosa Stallion and Foal (2008) set are both bay "semi-leopard" appaloosas.

They have black points, white shading in their tails, blazes, and polka-dot spots. The Stallion has hind socks while the foal has three socks, not including the off-fore.

Both horses in the #5603 Pinto Sport Horse and Foal (2008) set are tobianos, but their base colours are different.

The G3 Standing Thoroughbred is a black tobiano with a star, snip, and four white legs. The G3 Standing Foal is a dark bay tobiano with a star, four stockings, and eye-whites.

#5604 Palomino Peruvian Paso and Foal (2008) consists of a palomino G3 Peruvian Paso with three socks, not off-hind and eye-whites.

The G2 Scratching Foal is a sooty silver bay with flaxen mane and tail, darkly shaded legs, eye-whites, and a near-hind sock.

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