Friday, July 22, 2016

Play Sets: Smaller Than a Breadbox - Pocket Barns

The release of Pocket Barn sets saw a spike in 2007/08 with a regular run and a handful of special runs.

#9962502 Deluxe Farm Pocket Barn (2007) could be found at Mid-States Distributing/Rural King stores. This rather crowded blue barn with red trim came with a black blanket appaloosa G3 Standing Stock Horse, matching G3 Standing Foal, and a bay roan G2 Mule, plus a cow, rooster, chicken, pig, rabbit, veterinarian, fencing, trough, bale of hay, and other accessories.

Various Retailers, such as Target, carried #720052 New Arrival Barn - Stablemates Pocket Barn with Mare & Foal (2007). This set contained a green barn with white trim, yellow fencing, hay trough, water trough, and a chestnut tobiano G2 Paso Fino and a buckskin tobiano G3 Lying Foal.

This set was released later in 2007 as the regular run #5918 Pocket Barn with Mare and Foal (2007-08)

A new pocket barn could be found in Target stores in 2008, #720047 Veterinarian Pocket Barn (2008). The model in this set is the same G2 Paso Fino from the #5306 New Arrival set. A veterinarian, fencing, and assorted accessories were also included.

There are a pair of pocket barns in the current line, both containing foals.

#5932 Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn Play Set (2012-Current) comes with a baby blue barn with white trim, yellow fencing panels, a G2 Trotting Foal in bay, and a palomino pinto G2 Frolicking Foal.

The baby pink barn with purple roof and white fencing in the #5370 Horse Crazy Pocket Barn (2013-Current) is certainly eye-catching. A palomino G3 Standing Foal is accompanied by a girl doll in blue jeans and pink jacket.

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