Friday, February 28, 2014

Look-Alikes: G1 Draft Horses

With the number of runs issued on this mold, it's no wonder there's a bit of ID confusion surrounding some of the models.The most enigmatic of the releases, the Riegseckers set, will have their look-alikes covered in their own post in May! Today we're going to cover the regular runs and the more standard special runs.


The top three models are all variations of #5055. Leg and facial markings, flaxen or self-coloured mane and tail, and a range of body shades are typical of this run. None of the other runs have quite that angry pumpkin quality.

Besides the dark mane and tail, dusky shading and dark head, the 1997 JCP SR (bottom-left) has two major identifiers, his cute little blaze and the funny bubble-freckling on his belly. Also sporting a blaze and darker-than-body mane and tail is the nearly pink 1998 Sears SR. That pale body colour is caused by a fine mist of chestnut paint being sprayed over an unpainted white body, creating the effect of flea-bites or roaning.

Though we're not showing him here as A. I don't have one to put in the picture, and B. we'll be talking about him in more detail in the Riegseckers post, is the 2002 QVC SR which is either called palomino or chestnut. If the bright blonde mane and tail of this SR doesn't tip you off, the fact that it's the only chestnut-based G1 Draft Horse to sport a hard, high gloss coat should let you know who you've got in your herd.


For some reason the first model, #5187 gets referred to quite often as a 'rose grey'. Maybe some of them have a grey tone, but he's quite obviously bay. Setting him apart from the 1991 Sears SR, besides the older model being old plastic, are the four snappy socks, shell coloured hooves, and usually a vaguely bald face. The SR is much redder, with pitch-black points and a shaded muzzle.


Despite the age range of these models, both are molded from old plastic. The first model, sporting a typically satin finish, is the 1990 Sears SR. Though you would expect this 1997 BreyerFest SR keychain to be made with new plastic, all keychains until 1999 were made with old plastic. Besides having a ring-screw stuck in his back (some collectors remove these) the 1997 SR will be smoother than the older model and have a high gloss finish.

Not shown for reasons mentioned above (what can I say? I didn't like to break the pattern of the group pictures with a few singles. I like patterns, you will come to realize this about me), but also glossy and also black is the glossy charcoal 2002 QVC SR. His white mane and tail, for socks, pink hooves, bald face, and detailed eyes should make him impossible to confuse with any other G1 Draft Horse run.


Whatever you choose to call them, buckskin or dun, when you see them together, they should be easy to tell apart. The 1991 Sears SR is decidedly olive-coloured, made with old plastic, and sports some heavy shading. Looking like a paler sibling is the new plastic Sears/JCP 1992/94 SR in a light, subtly shaded buckskin.

The G1 Morgan Mare Look-Alikes will come to post before we get to the Riegsecker, but I promise, they will come.

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