Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Birthday Week: Gift Sets - BreyerFest Store Models

At first the only special model available at BreyerFest was the celebration model and the test run auction models. Then they tried out a few surprise special runs which sold out very quickly and caused quite a bit of bitterness in those who had missed out.

Later special runs were usually announced in advance and sold in the Breyer store, but some things found may be surprises such as samples, test, and assorted warehouse extras.

Some of the special runs could be a bit odd, such as the two sets of flocked models released in 2001. #710201 Flocky Set I (2001) consisted of a dapple grey G2 Prancing Morgan and a red and white Companion Animal Jack Russell Terrier.

#710401 Flocky Set II (2001) was a chestnut tobiano G2 Rearing Arabian and a buckskin blanket appaloosa G2 Cantering Foal. The flocking is a layer of finely chopped coloured fiber applied over a glue-coated body; it gives the model a rather chunky look and some find it a bit odd.

In 2004, a pile of white boxes could be found in the Breyer Store. This Mystery Box contained four models from the 1998 Just About Horses collection and are probably re-packaged left-overs from those made to replace damaged models from the JAH sets. The G2 Thoroughbred, G2 Shetland Pony, and G2 Warmblood are all the same as those previously released, but the G2 Clydesdale was a bit different.

While the original JAH G2 Clydesdale has a white base-coat under his grey and is lightly roaned, the Mystery Box model had his grey colour sprayed directly on his bare plastic and is without roaning. This gives the Mystery Box model a more delicate, slightly translucent look.

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