Friday, August 21, 2015

Play Sets: The Little Red Stable, Part II - Still Little, Still Red

In 1999 the Generation One models in the #59197 Stablemates Little Red Stable Set were replaced by two Generation Two models; the name and number of the set remained unchanged.

#59197 Stablemates Little Red Stable Set 1999-2001

The leopard spotted G2 Mule is the same as #5609 from the Stablemate Assortment, but the chestnut frame overo G2 Stock Horse is unique to the set. This pair was available through 2001.

#59198 Stablemates Western Ranch 2002
(Barn picture from 2002 Breyer Dealer Catalogue)

In 2002 a new set was released to fill the void left by the discontinued Little Red Stable, this time the barn looked a little less New England and a little more Wild West. There was only one horse in the #59198 Stablemates Western Ranch, a black frame overo G2 Stock Horse. The set was a little bare when it came to accessories, but it did include a cowboy...and fire. The Western Ranch was only available through 2002, the next year it was replaced by yet another incarnation of the Little Red Stable.

#59197 Stablemates Red Stable Set 2003-06

The number, #59197, was the same as the previous Little Red Stable Sets, but the name in the catalogue was changed to Stablemates Red Stable Set. This time both horses were new releases, a dark bay frame overo G2 Warmblood and a chestnut dun G2 Clydesdale. The Stablemates Red Stable Set ran from 2003 through 2006 before the G3 models took over.

K-Mart Special Run #79197 Country Stable Set 2006

2006 was a busy year for the Little Red Stable. Not only had a new version of the set been released with a G3 model, but this snappy set popped up in K-Mart stores. The Special Run #79197 Stablemates Country Stable Set came with a lovely bay roan G2 Standardbred and delicate light chestnut blanket appaloosa G2 Stock Horse.

Many thanks to Sharon Walbridge and MySt of My Stablematesfor providing pictures for this post!


  1. The #59198 Stablemates Western Ranch, black frame overo G2 Stock Horse is nearly a match to the #5315 Annie Oakley Play Set from 2005.

    The left butt spot on mine is slightly different but otherwise the 2 match.

    1. Is your Annie Oakley model black? The ones I've seen are all very dark bay - you can usually see a little brown around the edges of the spots.

    2. I had to get him under a very strong light but yes, I can see brown around the edges of the pattern. In normal light it looks black.

      I checked the Identify Your Breyer site and she says they are the same. I got my info from there as well. Now I will have to update my spreadsheet to reflect the brown instead of black.

      Glad you asked as I like my spreadsheet to have correct info.

      Thank you, love your site.