Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Variation Spotlight: G1 Citation #5175

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5175 Standing Thoroughbred

Unlike most variations which tend to be random fluctuations depending on the whim of the painter, the darkening of #5175 seems as if it might have been a systematic progression.

The run started out as a standard alabaster as pictured in the catalogue (top-right) which I purchased in February of 1996, but my second model, which I purchased from my local hobby shop in March of 1996 was beginning to show a smokey cast to her white coat.

In late 1996 I purchased the last model,which was not only, compared to the first model, a very dark mouse grey, but was also made from the translucent plastic which was used for so many of the 1997 models.

Just because these girls are so fun to photograph, here's another group shot showing off the change in colour.

If anyone else out there obsessively documents the purchase dates of their models and has a #5175, please comment with the date and whether your model is light, medium or dark, and/or made with the translucent plastic. With more data we can see if there's actually a pattern or if the darker models were just random.


  1. My dark one would be a nice add-on to your extra shot, as she's darker than your darkest (and quite translucent too!)
    Pity I have no info on the date, she's a 2nd hand girl, but I bet she's from '97.

    1. PS Nice picture, that extra shot. It's visible that your dark one is translucent, and she's very pretty!

    2. Thanks :) She'd be great if it weren't for that wonky fore-leg. I'll have to go rummage in your albums and have a look at your grey lady.

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    4. I just uploaded my missing Citations, but the pictures of the dark one are kind of flat, taken a long time ago.
      If I can find some time I will re-do her pictures.