Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Variation Spotlight: G1 Arabian Mare, Morgan Stallion, and Seabiscuit #5650

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5650 Saddle Club Collection

Since we've introduced the Saddle Club, let's take a look at a couple of variations from the first release of this set. Today you're getting a three for the price of one as we cover the three models from the set most likely to exhibit variations.

First we have that lovely pumpkin coloured chestnut Seabiscuit. The model on the upper level was from my original set while the lower model was purchased as a single some years later.

These two exhibit variations in finish, markings, and colour, all rolled up into one. As you can see, the upper model has four-ish stockings and a satin to semi-gloss finish while the lower model only has one distinct sock (off-hind) and a very matte finish.

The upper model also has more contrast between the body and mane/tail colour, more of a yellow tone to the body colour, and more shading. The lower model's colour is much deeper, especially in person, and is quite flat with few highlights.

Next are the bay Morgan Stallions. I have seen this release listed as identical to regular run #5184 "Stablemate Assortment - Morgan Stallion" 1995-97, but that is highly inaccurate and we will cover that subject further in a Look-Alike post.

The model to the right is from my original set while the one to the left is a variation I purchased in 2007. My original model is several shades darker, with more of a plum-tone and a satin finish. I always thought of his colour as "walnut" bay. My newer model has more of a cherry-tone and a flat, almost "clay" finish.

Something I find interesting is even though my Morgan Stallion and Seabiscuit variations were purchased miles apart, they both exhibit the same flat, 'clay' finish compared to my original set. Coincidence, or perhaps was this finish typical of a particular period in the release history of this set?

And finally, the dapple grey Arabian Mare. The dappling technique used on this run is referred to as 'bubble dappling', which replaced the earlier 'splatter dappling' method.

While 'splatter dapples' were created thorough using a grease-resist method, 'bubble dappling' utilized water instead. A model would be lightly misted with water which would bead on the polished surface of the model, then a coat of paint would be applied. The paint would dry extremely quickly and then the water would be wiped away, leaving the characteristic polka-dot dapples behind.

Though these two girls don't differ much in finish or markings, the variation in colour they exhibit is much more obvious than in the previous examples.

The darker model is from my original set, while the almost ghostly-pale mare is from the same source as the Seabiscuit variation. It isn't unreasonable to assume the Arabian Mare and the Seabiscuit came from the same set, so it is interesting to see how much the finishes varied within the set as the Arabian Mare has a lovely satin finish compared to the Seabiscuit.


  1. Very interesting! Were these separately purchased models on a bubble card when you bought them? And if so, would there still be a way to retrace their id numbers?

  2. Hi, thanks for reading! I'm not terribly sure if I understand your question.

    These were packaged together as a collection along with a black G1 Thoroughbred Mare and alabaster G1 Draft Horse - all carry the ID #5650. I bought one complete set on October 25, 1995 and the other three duplicates out of the package, second-hand.

    My original set had the more "normal" finishes The pale Arabian and "clay-like" Seabiscuit were purchased on March 02, 2007 from a single seller on eBay and the "clay-like"Morgan on March 23, 2007 at a live show in Texas. It's interesting that the two from different sets have such a similarly odd finish.

    Other than the #5650 run number, there are no other numbers associated with these models, thus no way to tell which came from the same set or from which part of the country other than my notes.

  3. Ah thanks, I misunderstood and thought you bought them as single assortment models. I started doubting the origin of my separately bought ones, but they must all part of one or another Saddle Club Set after all.
    I really enjoy your blog! It's fascinating to read about all those variations and specifics!

  4. Ah, I understand now! :) You're right if your models resemble the ones in this post or this one: http://manyminihooves.blogspot.com/2013/08/gift-set-saddle-club-part-i-generation.html they're 99.99% likely to be from the Saddle Club sets.

    Now on rare occasions, things do get incorrectly packaged, I've seen pictures of a SR Swaps bought in a RR assortment blister pack and in my first Saddle Club II set, my grey Arabian Mare looks exactly like the Sears/JCP 1992/94 mare.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to comment; I love hearing from folks!