Friday, May 12, 2017

Singles: Special Run Singles Assortments

When new singles start appearing on store shelves, a short, sharp buying frenzy generally occurs which intensifies, or dies away when them models are confirmed to be special runs or just unannounced regular runs.

In 2006, the #5904 Singles (203-03) appeared on shelves in Target stores with the special run number 720116. These models are identical to the regular run singles, but some tend to be a bit darker and/or shinier than their #5904 counterpart.
  • G2 American Saddlebred - black pinto
  • G2 American Saddlebred - chestnut
  • G2 Rearing Arabian - black
  • G2 Clydesdale - white grey
  • G2 Standardbred - dapple grey
  • G2 Andalusian - dark bay
  • G2 Warmblood - bay dun blanket appaloosa
  • G2 Morgan - palomino
  • G2 Quarter Horse - chestnut
  • G2 Shetland Pony - palomino
  • G2 Thoroughbred - chestnut pinto

Chaos ensued when a crop of unidentified Stablemates popped up at the Tractor Supply Co. and similar stores in 2008. #5906 is a small assortment consisting of six models:
  • G3 Tennessee Walking Horse - bay
  • G3 Standing Stock Horse - bay dun
  • G3 Standing Thoroughbred - white grey
  • G3 Peruvian Paso - flaxen chestnut
  • G3 Highland Pony - bay pinto
  • G3 Walking Arabian - palomino

During the summer of 2009 while many of the hobby folk were congregating in Kentucky for BreyerFest, a wave of pink washed over Target stores leaving in its wake singles and sets. The Pony Gals collection was a large one with twelve different models:
  • G3 Jumper: #720227 Pony Gals - Swedish Warmblood (flaxen liver chestnut)
  • G2 Clydesdale: #720216 Pony Gals - Clydesdale (bay)
  • G3 Peruvian Paso: #720226 Pony Gals - Peruvian Paso (flaxen chestnut)
  • G3 Rearing Andalusian: #720219 Pony Gals - Lusitano (palomino)
  • G2 Stock Horse: #720221 Pony Gals - Quarter Horse (dark bay)
  • G3 Standing Stock Horse: #720220 Pony Gals - Appaloosa (chestnut blanket appaloosa)
  • G2 Thoroughbred: #720223 Pony Gals - Thoroughbred (white grey)
  • G3 Highland Pony: #720218 Pony Gals - Pony (bay)
  • G2 Warmblood: #720224 Pony Gals - Hanoverian (flea-bitten grey)
  • G3 Tennessee Walking Horse: #720217 Pony Gals - Tennessee Walking Horse (chestnut roan)
  • G3 Mustang: #720222 Pony Gals - Mustang (black dun sabino)
  • G2 American Saddlebred: #720225 Pony Gals - American Saddlebred (black pinto)

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