Friday, April 21, 2017

Play Sets: The Saddle Club Rides Again

Waaaay back in 1994 Breyer had a brief fling with Bonnie Bryant's The Saddle Club book series. In 2008, coinciding with the airing of the third and final season of The Saddle Club TV series, Breyer released a line of merchandise tie-ins with plushies, Mini Whinnies, Traditionals, Classics, and of course, Stablemates.

All of the Stablemate sets are based on episodes from the first season which aired in 2001.

#5500 Saddle Club 4 Piece Set (2008-11) introduces the four of the horses used by the main characters; the girls went through several changes of mounts during the show.

Belle, ridden by Stevie is a solid black G3 Standing Stock Horse. A buckskin G3 Standing Thoroughbred is used for Starlight, Carole's horse. Patch, ridden at times by Lisa, is a bay tobiano G2 Stock Horse. The other horse ridden by Lisa is Prancer, a chestnut G2 Thoroughbred.

#6602 Lisa & Prancer Set - Jumping to Conclusions (2008-11) is based on episode 12, which aired on May 15, 2001.

The set comes with two riders (Lisa and Veronica), tack, blanket, cross-country jumps, and assorted small accessories. Patch is represented by a bay tobiano G2 Warmblood and Prancer by a chestnut G3 Standing Stock Horse.

#5501 Jump Off: Carole and Starlight Gift Set (2008-11) is based on episode 17 which aired on May 22, 2001.

The set comes with two riders (Carole and Andrea), tack, trophy, blue ribbon, four white fence panels, and a jump. Andrea's horse, Doc, is a white grey G2 Prancing Morgan and Carole's horse, Starlight, is a G3 Jumping Horse.

#5503 Stevie & Belle Set: Found Horse (2008-11) is based on a two-part story, episodes 18 & 19, which aired on May 23-24, 2001.

The set comes with two riders (Stevie and Veronica), four yellow fence panels, a grooming kit, and tack. Veronica's horse, Garnet is represented by a chestnut G3 Walking Arabian, and the "found horse", Belle, is a black G3 Standing Stock Horse.

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