Friday, October 28, 2016

Look-Alikes: G3 Jumper

The G3 Jumper hasn't seen as many releases as some of the other molds. It still manages to produce a few look-alikes though.

#5907 Dutch Warmblood (2009-11) is an extremely dark, plum-toned chestnut. Though many people call it bay, it doesn't actually have any black on the legs. Marking-wise, the model has a small star, eye-whites, and four airbrushed socks.

JCPenney Special Run #410176 Stablemates Parade of Breeds - Selle Fran├žais (2006) is a gold-toned medium bay with a metallic glitter to the coat. It has eye-whites and a stenciled off-fore sock.

K-Mart Special Run #6126 Stablemates Gift Collection (2008) is a softly shaded wild bay or buckskin. It has a short blaze and eye-whites.

Target Special Run #720227 Pony Gals - Swedish Warmblood (2009) is a shaded brown chestnut with three stenciled socks (not near-fore) and a small diamond-shaped star. The tip of the self-coloured tail has some flaxen shading and the forelock is flaxen in contrast to the rest of the self-coloured mane.

#5501 Jump Off: Carole and Starlight Gift Set - Starlight (2008-11) is a light buckskin, though it could also make a passable amber champagne. The model has eye-whites and a stenciled blaze ending in a snip.

BreyerFest Breyer Store Special #711080 Stablemates 20th Anniversary Commemorative Set - 1990 Dr. Peaches (2009) is a red bay with golden undertones and inky black points. He has a broken blaze ending in a snip and eye-whites.

#9115 The Eight Disciplines of the World Equestrian Games - Jumping (2010) is an even-toned red bay with eye-whites, a small star, and three stenciled socks (not near-hind).

JCPenney Special Run #410436 Stablemates Parade of Breeds - Dutch Warmblood (2008) is a chestnut tobiano with four white legs, eye-whites, and a blaze ending in a snip.

#5908 Sport Horse - Chestnut Pinto (2011-14) is a chestnut splash white with flaxen shading in the mane and tail, four stockings, and a large blaze ending in a white muzzle.

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