Friday, August 12, 2016

Play Sets: Arts N Crafts - Activity Sets

Play sets were on the increase around the time the G3 molds were released. Activity sets were similar to the standard play set in that they contained a model or models with some accessories, but they also came with a colour and activity book produced by Scholastic. These sets came in a yellow cardboard box shaped a bit like a gift bag.

#20011 Patch Play & Activity Set (2006-07) included a G2 Stock Horse and a G2 Thoroughbred. Both models are primered white, but the G2 Stock Horse has a stenciled tobiano pattern to guide a budding artist. Rounding out the set is a set of paints in brown, black, white, and tan, paint brushes, and an activity book.


#20010 Penny Play and Activity Set (2006) has the most accessories of the three sets with a princess, tree, and play mat in addition to the activity book. The model is a palomino G3 Highland Pony with four socks.


#20012 Starlight Color and Activity Set (2006-07) is light on the accessories - a folding paper barn and an activity book is all that comes with the black G2 Prancing Morgan and G2 Frolicking Foal. These models have a subtle blue sparkle and a slightly rough feel to their coats.

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