Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Variation Spotlight: #5047 Quarter Horse Stallion

Regular Run Assortment
#5047 Quarter Horse Stallion

Something is missing! Variations in shading and finish are fine, but I like the 'Ooops' variations the best. The upper model is a nicely shaded caramel buckskin with a sock and some vague socks, but his brother down below is something special. It it looks as if he missed his last blast of body shading which also deprived him of his black knees. His body colour is very much that of dried mustard.

I have the solid-legged model pedigreed as a 'wild' bay (A+), a form of bay which restricts the black on the legs more severely than the other forms. Some 'wild' bays may have smudgy charcoal lower legs or pasterns, or like this model, only a few black hairs around the coronet.

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