Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Variation Spotlight: Draft Horse #5180

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5180 Draft Horse

Like other randomly patterned runs, each #5180 is unique. Variations in shade and dapple placement and quantity are completely random, but within this chaos two distinct dapple types do exist. Older models will have 'splatter' dapples which are created through a grease-resist technique. Newer models were painted using a water-resist method which results in 'bubble' dapples.

Sometimes these can be a bit difficult to tell apart, but in general 'bubble' dapples are smoother while 'splatter' dapples can have a bit of a ruffle and streaks aren't uncommon. Nancy Young makes particular mention of the "neatly rounded and uniform" dapples found on the new plastic #5180 Draft Horse and the 1992/94 SR Citation, so it seems likely that the 'bubble' technique came into use at the beginning of the new plastic/China production period.13 The base colour can vary from light to dark and socks and vague socks abound.

The two models on the upper row are both old plastic, 'splatter' dapple models. They are a prime example of how much variation there can be in dapple quantity. The model on the left appears to have four fairly distinct socks while the one on the right has one clear sock.

The other models are new plastic with 'bubble' dapples. On the left is a lighter version with large dapples and one clear sock. The model on the right is one of the darker variations with a fine mist of dapples and two clear hind socks. He also has a dapple right in the middle of a fairly clear face, making it look like he has a star.

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