Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Variation Spotlight: G1 Citation, Silky Sullivan, Swaps #5650

Regular Run Gift Set
#5650 The Saddle Club Stablemates Set

Both of my Saddle Club II sets were bought new in box, but there was about a decade between their purchases. My first set was made from the usual plastic, but my second set was a bit strange. Like the SR Citation from last Monday's Profile post, the models in the second set I purchased were made from that odd translucent plastic.

I didn't include the G1 Arabian Mare from this set since we saw her recently in the Look-Alike post and I don't own a "normal" version of the run for comparison, but she too is made from the same translucent plastic.

These pretty little buckskin mares look fairly similar in the picture except for a slight variation in shade. When you hold them up to the light, though, it's a different story.

The first mare, from my original set, is made from the usual opaque plastic - you can see how little light shines through. The mare from the new set glows like illuminated alabaster.

The Silky Sullivan on the left is the standard plastic issue. You can see how nice and bright his white markings are compared to the translucent model on the right. His colour is also brighter and more red-toned. The translucent model also has a bit of a pearly luster to his bare plastic.

The appaloosa Swaps models show the most dramatic difference. The variation in the quantity of spots is typical of appaloosa paint-jobs, but the difference in their white base colour is a bit unexpected. The Swaps on the left is from my original set and when he's by himself he appears quite white. It's only when you stick him with his twin that he appears rather yellowed.

I'm not sure if the second Swaps has had a base-coat of white paint applied or is cast with a chalky-white plastic, but he has a very 'crunchy' quality to him in person, almost as if you could snap a leg off and draw with it. (Does that sound weird?)


  1. Oh what coincidence! I just noticed that my 59971 buckskin Morgan Stallion (1997-1999) must have been from the same batch as my JCP 1997 liver chestnut Morgan Stallion as they share the same kind of translucentness (and minor mold flaws not found in the Sears 1998) and held my Saddle Club Citation up to the light to see it there too, just before I checked your blog again LOL

    1. That is too funny! We must be on the same wavelength. :)

  2. Hmm, it started when I began checking my Morgan Stallions' bellies though, so maybe not that big a coincidence after all LOL
    Which brings me back to translucentness.
    I found almost all of my 1997's are that kind of plastic. Actually only my JCP Morgan Mare isn't, and from my Saddle Club's, only the Citation and Silky Sullivan, both from the 2nd set, are, so I guess it's a 1997 thing?

    1. Wow, you certainly ended up with a lot of them! I only have a handful out of my purchases from that year (not all of my 1997 SR set were translucent), so maybe the plastic was only used for part of the year or something. I haven't seen that type of plastic post-1997, but one person doesn't make much of a sample size. :)

      Did you find anything interesting during your belly-check?

  3. Well my JCP set is still missing 3 models, so that makes 8 translucent ones, although, like you said, one is more dramatic than the other.
    I also noticed my light grey 5175 Citation (1995-1997) has it, so mine quite likely is a late one.
    The belly check was so exciting! I made a list which narrowed down the period my specific models were made in, and it made me want to have even more of them LOL
    I'm working on belly pictures, so maybe I can upload those somewhere in the future.

  4. The G1's without a doubt are the most interesting line of Stablemates!!!