Friday, April 17, 2015

Profile: G1 Thoroughbred Standing Foal #3085

Regular Run Play Set
#3085 Stablemates Stable Set

The hobby documentation usually only lists this set as having one number, #3085. The first year of release, 1976, actually saw this set listed as #7200 Stablemates Stable, but it's understandable for this to be rather uncommon knowledge as the name and number was changed in 1977 to #3085 Stablemates Stable Set. Unless one likes to study the old box catalogues for fun, this change is easy to miss.

The models in this set can be found with a variety of markings, finishes, and colour variations. My little foal here is a fairly typical example with a rich reddish-chocolate colour and high, airbrushed whites.

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