Monday, April 13, 2015

Profile: G1 Thoroughbred Mare #5183.

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5183 Thoroughbred Mare

The discontinuation of the 1995 Stablemate Assortment to make way for the 1998 G2 Assortment release did not mark the end of the variation era, but it was the beginning of the steep decline. Sure, variations can still be found, but they're much more rare and for the most part not nearly as dramatic. This lovely grey lady can be found with any number of leg markings and, like mine here, facial markings are not unknown.

In 1995 I had found my first Breyer collector friend and we spent ages pouring over the 1995 catalogue - everything was on our wish list - and sighing in regret over the unobtainable models in her old box catalogues. At the time we knew nothing about the hobby and to our 14 year old minds, when a model was discontinued, that was it, it was gone. At least we very rarely saw any discontinued models in Toys R Us or the one specialty toy shop which carried Breyers. The next year I attended my first BreyerFest and let me tell you, the sales tent and HI room sales BLEW my mind! Seriously, I just stood in the doorway of the sales tent with my mouth hanging open. I never knew so many different Breyers existed, never mind seeing them all in one place.

The 1995 Assortment, and especially the grey Thoroughbred Mare, for me hold a special sentimental place in my collection as a symbol of the end of my collecting innocence when I was just on the cusp of discovering the hobby and moving into the more serious business of showing and focused collecting.

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