Monday, October 27, 2014

Profile: G1 Morgan Mare #5312

Regular Run Play Set
#5312 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Rain Stablemates Play Set

This lovely mare is another one of Breyer's awkward colours. Her base colour is fine, beautiful in fact - I just love flaxen chestnuts, but her markings present some slight difficulties.

At first sight, this mare makes a lovely splash white Morgan, she's very similar to this pure-bred Morgan, but for one so loudly marked, one would generally expect higher leg markings, and I've not been able to find an example of a Splash White with a belly spot like this one. Not to say this combination of markings are impossible, strange things do happen in genetics, but they're outside the typical range of expression.

If you don't mind making her a part-bred, you could make a case for her being a tobiano+splash or maybe tobiano+sabino or white.

I don't show my model, so I'm not too worried about pattern accuracy, I just shrug her off as a 'Breyer colour' and call her a splash white Morgan as the pattern does exist in the breed.

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