Friday, October 03, 2014

Profile: G1 Arabian Stallion #710897

JCPenney Special Run
#710897 12-pc. Parade of Breeds

The markings on this model are not the most realistic, but it is possible to find similar real-life examples. If going the partbred route, you could make this horse a snowflake appaloosa, though the spots are a bit large and the location of them is a bit off.

If you're more interested in purebreds, Arabians do exhibit Tetrarch spots. These roughly egg-sized white spots pop up from time to time in multiple breeds and are most often seen in combination with the grey gene. Unlike dapples, these spots remain for the life of the horse.

Personally, I think the Tetrarch spotting is the better option as the model's markings more closely resemble this pattern in size and distribution than the markings of the snowflake appaloosa.

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