Monday, September 15, 2014

Profile: G1 Thoroughbred Mare #10304

Blockbuster Special Run
#10304 Hidalgo Stablemates Mustang Play Set

This beautiful special run Thoroughbred Mare is a mare of distinction. She is the only roan to be produced on this mold and the only one to be given a stenciled facial marking.

Until relatively recently, roan was not present in the Thoroughbred breed. The 1982 New Zealand-bred Thoroughbred, Catch A Bird, changed all that. This odd-coloured stallion seemed to be a brindle with white, spotty streaks on his dark bay coat. While none of his foals inherited this pattern, some of them did inherit what seems to be a new mutation of roan. These dark-headed roan foals have successfully passed their colour on to their offspring, so, at least for now, we have registered roan Thoroughbreds.

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