Friday, July 11, 2014

Profile: G1 Morgan Stallion #710897

JCPenney Special Run
#710897 12-pc. Parade of Breeds

The Morgan Horse is the first American breed and a highly influential one. This versatile horse was a farm horse, light draft, roadster, and pleasure mount all rolled into one. He's not lost one jot of his flexibility. He excels in and out of the show ring, whether under saddle or in harness. From stock work to jumping, there's little he can't do.

The speed, stamina, strength, beauty, and good nature typical to this breed were traits which other horse breeders found attractive. All-American breeds such as the Standardbred, Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse, Quarter Horse, and Missouri Fox Trotter trace to Morgan roots. In the 1850s a stallion was even exported to England where he influenced the Hackney breed.

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