Monday, July 07, 2014

Profile: G1 Morgan Mare #495091

Sears Special Run
#495091 Stablemate Assortment III

The G1 Morgan Mare is a lovely example of the foundation Morgan type. The addition and then concentration of Saddlebred bloodlines (both legal and illegal out-crossings) in the breed has lead to a change of type, from the more substantial and compact body type we think of as particularly 'Morgan' to something much lighter and flashier - more Saddlebred than Morgan.

While some breeders heartily embrace this evolution, others, such as The Lippitt Club, Inc, the Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club, and the Foundation Morgan Horse Society have formed organizations to promote the old-style type and bloodlines. A look at this graph provides an eye-opening glimpse at the reason for their concern!

This is not to say that the American Saddlebred is not a beautiful breed in its own right, but the Morgan does not need to turn into one.

Fashion isn't just for clothing, certain traits within a breed may suddenly flare into vogue; competition for attention in the show ring often drives these trends to the extreme. The intensive focus on one specific trait - speed, muscle mass, gait, colour - tends to bring about unintended consequences by also building up a concentration of less desirable genes which can introduce health, behavioral, and structural defects into what was once a relatively healthy breed. *cough* Quarter Horse *cough*

The financial interests of the big names in a particular breed association community will heavily influence possible reforms; when your stallions are pulling in large breeding fees and their progeny is cleaning up in the show ring, you're not going to want any rules passed which might discredit or even disqualify your four-footed investments even if it is for the greater good.

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  1. What crisp socks she has! Although mine is a true Sears 1991 too, she does have the bad vague socks genes...