Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Week - Profile: G1 Citation #495091

JCPenney Special Run
#495091 Stablemate Assortment III

Back in the day this Citation could have been a highly competitive performance horse. In days of yore when mold choice was poor, a standing horse could be champion. Seriously though, even in the larger scales there just weren't that many molds in performance-friendly action poses, so you had to get creative if you wanted to show.

Setups such as "horse is walking on from a halt at x" for dressage, "horse stands quietly while rider...." for trail or games, and "horse waits in" or "is walking into" starting box for cross-country would be thick on the show table. These days with all of our new action molds these vintage performance entries would have a hard time getting a second look, but once they were the ones to beat.

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