Monday, April 14, 2014

Profile: G1 Quarter Horse Stallion #706698

JCPenney Special Run
#706698 Stablemate Barn

The 1998 special run set came with three models in some fun colours. My favourite is this bay roan Quarter Horse Stallion. Though commonly called 'red' roan or sometimes 'strawberry', or, depending on shade, 'blue' roan, this colour is created by the roan gene acting on a bay base colour. Roan adds an even ticking of white hairs over the body, but usually leaves the head and legs untouched. When the horse is injured in a way which causes a loss of skin, the hair which covers the healed area will grow back without white hairs, leaving a solid body-coloured patch; such markings are generally referred to as 'corn' spots.

The amount of white ticking or roaning can vary from horse to horse; some may just have a light frosting of white hairs while others may have bodies which appear almost white. The fact that some families seem to produce similar roans has produced the theory that there may be more than one roan allele. In addition to a dark head and legs, another typical characteristic of the roan colour is for the dark markings on the legs to come to a point just at or above the knees and hocks.

Other patterns such as sabino, rabicano, and varnish appaloosa can mimic roan, but our model today is a typical, though particularly heavily roaned example of a classic roan.

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