Monday, February 17, 2014

Profile: G1 Arabian Mare #59972

Regular Run
#59972 Pinto Mare and Foal

This pinto G1 Arabian Mare can pose a bit of a puzzle to the pedigree and show folks. With her relatively smooth markings and minimal leg white, phenotypically she most resembles a horse expressing the Frame Overo gene. Frame is not allowed in the pure Arabian registry, but with the right cross, she could be registered as a part-bred.

You would likely want her cross to be purebred x part-bred Arabian or part-bred Arabian x part-bred Arabian rather than Arabian x pinto breed to boost her percentage of Arabian blood as she has quite a type-y Arabian body. She could be a first generation cross with a light breed pinto, or even with a stock breed as genetics can do unexpected things and give us a 1/2 American Paint Horse who looks like a spotted purebred Arabian

There are White and Sabino purebred Arabian families, but though the body markings can be similar to this model, they tend to have extensive white leg markings as well. It's difficult to say never with white markings, so if you find a good reference picture, by all means go with pure Arabian - and send me your picture for my files :)

Though the Pintabian might seem perfect, it's not an option as they only allow horses exhibiting the tobiano pattern.

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