Monday, January 20, 2014

Profile: G1 Swaps #495600

Sears Special Run
#495600 Stablemate Assortment

Most of the time this guy is listed as an Appaloosa, but to me he looks more like the Breyer-style flea-bitten greys. Yeah, the spots are rather large, but this is a 1989 paint job we're talking about here. Appaloosa or grey, he's a bit of an awkward colour for either choice.

It can be a difficult to find examples of a horse who has reached this point in the greying process, but still retains the full pigment in his points. This guy came up in a search for "unusual gray", but he looks like he most likely has the appaloosa varnish thing going on there. When a grey horse's body is this white, the mane, tail, and legs have generally lost much of their pigment, turning them grey to white, so the pitch black points paired with the stark white base-coat on this model are a bit on the unrealistic side.

My extensive Google research (all twenty minutes of it) didn't turn up much in the way of a dark-point leopard appaloosa either. It seems most leopard appies have spots which extend into the legs to some degree and the appaloosas with dark legs are blankets or snowcaps rocking the varnish. This guy is completely lacking the varnish characteristics such as the charcoal-like smudging on face and body.

Whichever route you choose, the hobby community is so used to seeing this type of OF colouring from Breyer that you're unlikely to get much side-eye.

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