Monday, January 06, 2014

Profile: G1 Seabiscuit #495091

Sears Special Run
#495091 Stablemate Assortment III

Some Stablemate molds are more performance friendly than others. The Seabiscuit mold is one of the most versatile of the G1 molds. His lovely canter makes him easy to plug into classes on the flat such as dressage or general equitation to those over fences - jumper, hunter, x-country, etc. - and then on to a complete switch of discipline to western games and stock work. He's also a good candidate for the 'other performance' classes as a race horse, as part of a drill team, or even in a Pony Express set-up.

I've always thought of this particular type of dapple grey - dark and wild - as "newsprint" ever since Stone released this guy.

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