Friday, October 18, 2013

Profile: G1 Thoroughbred Standing Foal #5702

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5702 Thoroughbred Lying and Standing Foals

Unlike his sibling, this standing half of #5702 does not exhibit the '70s chestnut roaning. Also unlike his sibling who was released by Hagen-Renaker as an Arabian foal, this little guy was actually meant to be a Thoroughbred - the Hagen-Renaker Mini Thoroughbred Foal #25 to be precise. All of the Thoroughbred Foals were made with old plastic until they were released as part of the Mare and Foal sets in 1997.

Just because a mold is released as one breed doesn't necessarily mean you have to stick with it (some molds, such as the G3 Tennessee Walking Horse are pretty hard to breed-swap). Though the majority of my Thoroughbred Standing Foals are pedigreed as Thoroughbreds, there are a plethora of breed possibilities for this mold.

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