Friday, September 20, 2013

Profile: G1 Silky Sullivan #5022

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5022 Silky Sullivan

The Stablemate scale portrait of Silky Sullivan wasn't the most faithful representation. Colour could swing from bright red to deep liver chestnut, leg markings were usually anything but the proper near-fore pastern, and the star was completely missing. As inaccurate as he might be, he was a long-running release and one of the three out of the five original Thoroughbred race horses to make the switch from old to new plastic.

This particular model could be a poster child for his era. Vague socks, half-painted hooves, seam flashing, over-spray, dark paint flecks (these drips, which I'm calling them Bend-Or spots, are likely a result of the airbrushing of the mane and tail) abound, though his colour is deep and rich. While this Silky Sullivan has a soft satin finish, I have another, much darker example which is down right glossy.

Next time you're feeling a bit aggrieved because your new model's dapples aren't as good as the promotional pictures or a seam isn't completely invisible, take a look at some of the older Stablemates and see how far we've come. Look at that point sticking out from his lower chest, that's a massive seam. Look at those kinda painted, kinda not hooves and the big, black, over-sprayed eyes. Stablemates were the cheap option back in the day and they often looked like it.

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