Monday, September 02, 2013

Profile: G1 Quarter Horse Stallion #5046

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5046 Quarter Horse Stallion

Today we have the elusive #3046 G1 Quarter Horse Stallion in chestnut. You won't find this guy on many sales lists, and when you do, he'll be a bit pricy as Stablemates go, because he and his matching mate were only available during 1976.

This particular model has that lovely rich 1970s colouring and is a fine example of vague-socking. Unfortunately, sloppy painting was a frequent problem in the Stablemate line. If you look at his hooves, you can see that not only is that off-fore hoof only half painted, but the hoof colour continues up the pastern as well.

Issues such as heavy over-spray, messy seams, and body issues (gouges in the plastic are not uncommon) were typical of the older models, which can make it difficult to find a really good LSQ show horse.

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