Friday, September 06, 2013

Profile: G1 Saddlebred #5002

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5002 Saddlebred

This lovely lady you may remember from the first Variation Spotlight. I say 'lady' as I generally pedigree my G1 Saddlebred models as mares. The name of the mold doesn't imply gender and it is lacking that vital nub of plastic, but then again, so do 'stallion' molds such as Silky Sullivan and Native Dancer.

The buckskin variation isn't incredibly rare, but it is one of the more uncommon variations of a run which is full of them. The braids on this mold were always left unpainted until the 1996 JCPenney special run. Subsequent runs, with the exception of the decorator keychains, always had painted braids.

The gait, braids, and set tail really limit the breed options for this mold; you're pretty much stuck with American Saddlebred. The American Shetland Pony, Modern Type shows with braids and a set tail, but while they have quite an animated gait, it's not correct for this mold. American Shetlands trot which is a two-beat diagonal gait (diagonal legs moving in unison), while the G1 Saddlebred is demonstrating a rack, a four-beat lateral gait, meaning the legs on the same side move together, but slightly out of unison.

Many thanks to Lynda, Ann Miller for correcting my misinformation regarding the Saddlebred gait.


  1. Your photos are fantastic--so clear and just gorgeous. GREAT blog!

  2. Thank you very much, Susan! I can't take much credit for the photo quality, though; I'm really like a monkey using tools over here when it comes to photography. I have quite a nice little set up with light tent, a decent DSLR, a very spiffy photography program, and a lot of trial and error on top of that. :)
    I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. Thank you for your feedback; what a pleasant way to end my day!

    Happy collecting!