Friday, August 23, 2013

Profile: G1 Quarter Horse Mare #5050

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5050 Quarter Horse Mare

My #5050 "Quarter Horse Mare" exhibits that flat colouring which was so typical of models produced in the 1980s. The colour can vary wildly in this run, from pale buttermilk to dark caramel. Though my model isn't exciting colour-wise, she is interesting in that she has a different mold stamp than the usual issue - a Mexico stamp!

While many of the Thoroughbred stallion molds appeared quite delicate and mare-like, the Quarter Horse Mare had the opposite issue; if the thick crest makes this mare look a bit masculine, it's because the original mold, the Hagen-Renaker Mini Head Down Horse, was a stallion. When Breyer leased the mold they changed it's gender and gave it the Hagen-Renaker Mini Quarter Horse Stallion as a mate.

If you're interested in showing or pedigree assignment, try changing the breed as well as the gender. The Quarter Horse mare could pass as an Azteca, some flavour of mustang, or even a pony breed such as Quarter Pony or Chincoteague. With that crest though, I think I would stick with stallion or a very late gelding.

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