Monday, August 19, 2013

Profile: G1 Native Dancer #5023

Regular Run Stablemate Assortment
#5023 Native Dancer

#5023 Native Dancer ran for such a long time that it was the only regular run release of this mold until 1995 when the entire line changed. As you would expect from the time-span, this mold came in both old and new plastic. My old plastic model is a rather typical (and slightly worn) example of the run. I have heard of glossies and seen some extra matte models.

This particular mold and run is, of course, a portrait of the incredibly influential Thoroughbred stallion, Native Dancer. Though the mold was sculpted as a stallion, I've always pedigreed and shown mine (successfully, too) as mares. Just because Breyer assigns a gender doesn't mean you have to stick with it. The same goes for breed, this 'Thoroughbred' mold can also be a successful young, race-bred Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, or Appaloosa, depending on colour, of course. I've even done well with one as an Akhal-Teke.

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